Why We Are Different (a.k.a. Awesome)

August offers a refreshing approach to the "business as usual" practices employed by typical IT consulting firms. The key factors that set us apart in the marketplace can be found in our approach to:

Customer Satisfaction
We believe that Customer Satisfaction is the most crucial leading indicator of project success, and as such, should be measured and managed with the same frequency and tenacity as objective elements.

Resource Alignment
August Professional Group offers the combination of management consulting and senior project management oversight, along with the very best resources for your specific project needs. We do not place a "round peg in a square hole" by limiting
our options to leveraging an existing "bench" of resources, rather we leverage our relationships with associates across Canada and our database of candidates to search for, and select, a practitioner with the best possible skill-set fit for your important initiative.
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Proprietary Tools and Methodology
We start with the premise that most project failures are due to inadequate planning,
communication and improper (or entirely missing) risk assessment. A key
foundation of our methodology is risk assessment and tracking. Scope, Schedule and
Budget do not forecast future problems. It is only through daily documentation and
tracking of risk factors that a project can be kept on track. Our combined 75 years of
experience have produced an abundance of tools that take the unknowns out of the
equation and ensure project success.

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Project Management Maximization 
We believe that when common PM processes are re-engineered, in light of today's available technology, organizations can achieve significant cost savings. August leverages these technologies to ensure our clients receive the most effective project management services available in the market today.
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